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Business Profile
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  • Tradition in the Making

    In 1999 two lifetime friends launched the dream and vision of a dinner-house that would revisit the day of owner-operated restaurants. Conceptually the foundations would be – food made fresh from scratch daily, variety and value in a menu centered around the unique style of closed-pit cooking, a team-oriented style of service based on genuineness and sincerely caring, and an environment conducive to family and friends, good conversations and the enjoyment of life. Thus the vision of Goodwood Barbecue Company was born. As you enjoy your experience know that the owner-oriented individuals are involved daily. Taste the freshness of a product and uniqueness that quality ingredients deliver bite after bite. Feel our appreciation of your patronage through service that is timely, caring and efficient. Mostly though, enjoy the moment. Let our efforts lend themselves to what we hope will be a regular occurrence on your part – the establishing of your “tradition in the making”.

    • Freshness of Product Made-from-Scratch
    • Flavorful Food
    • Quality Ingredients
    • Consistency
    • Generous Portions
    • Moderate Prices
    • Genuinely Caring
    • Timely and Efficient Service
    • Appreciation of Your Patronage 


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  • Menu:

    Children’s Menu
    (For kids 10 and under only please)

    All children’s items are served with choice of:
    Fresh Fruit, Rice Pilaf, Smashed Potatoes, Fresh Vegetables or French Fries

    Drink Selection for kids:
    Milk, Chocolate Milk or Juice
    (One refill - $1 per refill thereafter)
    Fountain Soda (Endless Refills)

    Mac N Cheese 4.49
    Chicken Crispers (2) 4.99
    Grilled Chicken Breast 4.99
    Corn Dog Bites 4.49
    Grilled Cheese 4.49
    Cheeseburger 4.99
    Rib Plate 7.99
    Cheese Quesadilla 4.49
    Pulled Pork Sandwich 4.49


    Includes your choice of one of the following: Mom’s Potato Salad, Creamy Coleslaw (contains peanut butter), Steak Fries or House Barbecued Beans.
    Substitute any Premium Side item for .99 | Add a Caesar Side Salad for 3.49 or Garden Salad for 4.49

    Barbecue Brisket Sandwich
    For the barbecue purist, Tender Texas brisket topped with
    house barbecue sauce and a side of onion. 10.99

    “Burnt Ends” Brisket
    Open-face Kansas City style. 10.79
    (limited quantity available)

    Smoked Prime Rib Philly Sandwich
    Thinly sliced smoked prime rib, grilled onion and
    Monterey Jack cheese on a toasted roll. Sautéed bell
    peppers available on request. 10.99

    Pulled Pork Sandwich
    Slow-smoked pulled pork, served with our house
    barbecue sauce on a toasted bun. 9.29

    Carolina Pork Sandwich
    Our pulled pork soaked in a tangy marinade and
    topped with coleslaw on a toasted bun. 9.99

    Smoked Turkey Sandwich

    Smoked turkey slices with Swiss cheese, lettuce,
    pickle, tomato, onion and herbed mayonnaise
    on a hot toasted bun. 9.99

    Grilled Chicken Wrap

    Our special marinated chicken with herbed mayonnaise,
    lettuce, diced tomatoes, melted Jack and cheddar cheeses,
    scallions and onions, wrapped in a soft warm tortilla. 9.99

    Honey Stung Chicken Sandwich

    Chicken tenders, double-dipped in buttermilk, fried and
    drenched in a spicy honey glaze. Served on a corn-dusted
    bun with herbed mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, lettuce,
    pickle, tomatoes and onion. 9.99

    Old-Fashioned Burger*

    Half-pound, flame-kissed burger served with lettuce,
    pickle, tomato, mustard and onion on a toasted bun.
    Regular 9.29 Cheese 9.99 Chili 11.29

    Pit Boss Burger*

    Our half-pounder mopped with house barbecue sauce
    and melted cheddar cheese. Topped with smoked sausage
    and diced onion on a toasted bun. 11.99

    Bacon-Cheddar Burger*

    A half-pound burger served with mayonnaise, lettuce,
    pickle, tomato and onion on a toasted bun. 11.29

    Classic Club Sandwich
    Smoked turkey, bacon, cheddar and Swiss cheeses, lettuce,
    tomatoes and onion with herbed mayonnaise, piled
    high between toasted multi-grain breads. 11.29


    Idaho Potato Skins
    Fresh Idaho potatoes mixed with cheddar cheese,
    bacon bits and chives. Drizzled with sour cream and
    served with our made-in-house Ranch dressing.
    Small 7.99 Big 9.99

    Spinach Artichoke Dip

    Spinach and artichoke hearts in a creamy parmesan
    sauce. Served with chips, toast and Pico De Gallo.
    Small 7.99 Big 11.49

    Ultimate Nachos
    Fresh tortilla chips, Monterey Jack and cheddar
    cheeses piled high with sour cream, Pico De
    Gallo, tomatoes, jalapeno, chives and red onion.
    Smoked chicken or chili beef.
    Small 7.99 Big 10.99

    Buffalo Gap Wings

    Plump pit-smoked chicken wings smothered
    in our sweet-and-spicy sauce. Served with
    buttermilk Ranch dressing. 10.79

    Fresh-Cut Onion Rings (A House Favorite)
    Crispy buttermilk-battered jumbo onions served
    with our made-in-house Ranch dressing.
    Small 6.99 Big 9.99


    Mike’s Chicken Tortilla Soup 5.79/2.99

    Blue Ribbon Chili 6.49/3.59

    Garden Side Salad
    Our House Garden salad combines fresh greens
    with tomatoes, red onion, homemade croutons,
    egg, bacon and is served with your choice of
    made-from-scratch dressings. 5.49

    Soup and Garden Salad

    A bowl or a cup of our homemade soup
    and our House Garden salad.
    Bowl 9.99 Cup 8.29
    Caesar Side Salad
    Romaine greens tossed with our creamy
    Caesar dressing, homemade croutons and
    grated parmesan. 3.99

    Toss and Turn Chicken Salad
    “Assembly Required”
    Shredded Ranchero chicken on a bed of mixed
    greens, Pico De Gallo, corn, roasted bell pepper,
    red onion, cheddar cheese, tortilla strips and scallions
    blended with our made-in-house Ranch dressing.
    Small 9.69 Big 11.69

    Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
    Romaine greens tossed with our creamy Caesar
    dressing, homemade croutons, grated parmesan,
    red onion and plump house-marinated chicken.
    Small 9.69 Big 11.69

    Salmon Caesar Salad
    Mouth-watering salmon with lemon butter, caper
    and dill seasoning on a bed of Romaine greens
    tossed with our creamy Caesar dressing, red onion,
    parmesan cheese and croutons. 12.49

    Spinach Salad Fresh spinach, fruit and candied nuts with
    raspberry-walnut vinaigrette dressing.
    Topped with bleu cheese crumbles. 9.79
    with grilled chicken breast 12.79

    Crispy Chicken Salad

    A garden mix of greens, tomatoes, smoked corn,
    roasted bell pepper and homemade croutons,
    tossed with honey-mustard dressing. Topped
    with juicy fried chicken and red onion.
    Small 9.99 Big 12.49

    Sliced Brisket Salad
    Sliced brisket on a tossed bed of mixed greens,
    corn, roasted bell peppers and our “sassy” barbecue
    Ranch dressing. Garnished with cheddar cheese,
    tortilla strips, tomatoes and scallions.
    Small 9.99 Big 12.99

    Cobb Farm Salad
    Our version of the traditional Cobb. Smoked turkey,
    diced egg, bacon bits, cheddar cheese, bleu
    cheese crumbles, diced tomato and your choice
    of dressing served on a bed of greens.
    Small 10.99 Big 13.29

    Bacon Blue Wedge

    Fresh iceberg served with our blue cheese dressing,
    drizzled with zesty balsamic dressing and topped
    with bacon bits, blue cheese crumbles, grape
    tomatoes & red onion. $6.99
    Add on: brisket $4.29 turkey $3.99
    sweet chicken breast $3.99

    Choose from our made-from-scratch dressings: Bleu Cheese, Buttermilk Ranch,
    Barbecue Ranch, Zesty Balsamic Vinaigrette, 1000 Island and Honey-Mustard.

    Includes your choice of any two of the following: Mom’s Potato Salad, Creamy Coleslaw (contains peanut butter), Steak Fries or
    House Barbecue Beans. Substitute any Premium Side item for .99 | Add a Caesar Side Salad for 3.49 or Garden Salad for 4.49

    (2/3 and Full Racks are only available during Dinner)

         Ribs                                       1/3 Rack     1/2 Rack   2/3 Rack   Full Rack
    Baby Back Ribs                      11.99           15.99          20.99          27.99
    St. Louis-Style Spare Ribs   11.99           15.99         20.99          27.99
    West Texas Beef Ribs             NA             15.99         20.99          27.99

         Rib Round-Up*(Dinner item only) 28.49
    *Choose from two of our three rib styles

    Apple-Smoked Sliced Turkey Breast 10.69
    Texas Hill Country Beef Brisket 12.99
    Old Country German-Style Sausage 9.99
    Slow-Smoked Pulled Pork 9.99
    Barbecue Chicken 9.99

    A half chicken, slow-smoked to perfection — our unique smoking
    process renders a perfect pink color (Half chicken available only as nature intended, limited quantity available)

    Combination Platters
    Two Meat       Three Meat
    11.99                14.99

    Any combination of Barbecue Chicken,
    Burnt Ends, Pulled Pork, Turkey or Sausage
    Substitute a rib selection for any one item: Add 2.50
    Substitute Brisket: Add .50

    Family Style (Feeds 4-6)   67.99
    A full rack of Beef, Baby, or St. Louis Style Ribs, one full smoked
    Chicken and one pound of pulled pork served with Steak Fries
    and choice of 2 of the following: Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, House
    Beans, Mac & Cheese (no other side choices with this item).

    Only Meat Modifications: Substitute Brisket for Pork — add 2.00 for .5 lb or 4.00 for 1 lb.
    Substitute 1 pound of Brisket, Turkey, Pork, or Sausage for Ribs — NC.
    Substitute 1 pound Pulled Pork for whole Chicken — NC. No other modifications

    House Choices
    We proudly serve hand-cut, 28 day aged, grain-fed beef.
    Add a Caesar Side Salad for 3.49 or Garden Salad for 4.49

    Smoked Prime Rib**
    (limited quantity available & only during dinner)
    All prime rib comes with a fresh seasonal
    vegetable and a fresh Idaho baker.
    8 oz 18.49 12 oz 22.49 16 oz 26.49

    Mopped Delmonico Steak**
    (limited quantity available & only during dinner)
    A 12-ounce prime rib steak, grilled and brushed with
    house barbecue sauce. Served with a fresh seasonal
    vegetable and a fresh Idaho baker. 22.99

    House Top Sirloin**
    Choice USDA center cut top sirloin served with
    a fresh seasonal vegetable and smashed potatoes.
    6 oz 12.99 8 oz 16.79
    Add sautéed mushrooms for 1.50

    House Ribeye**
    Twelve ounces of marbled ribeye, seasoned and
    grilled to perfection. Served with a fresh seasonal
    vegetable and smashed potatoes. 23.49
    Add sautéed mushrooms for 1.50

    Salmon Filet
    An eight-ounce portion of delectable salmon topped
    with lemon-and-butter sauce, seasoned with dill
    and capers. Served with a fresh seasonal vegetable
    and a scoop of smashed potatoes. 17.49

    Add a Caesar Side Salad for 3.49
    or Garden Salad for 4.49

    Chicken-Fried Steak
    Comfort food the way you remember it!
    Served with 2 scoops of smashed potatoes,
    gravy and Texas Toast. 12.79

    Sweeeeeet Chicken
    A grilled chicken breast marinated in sherry,
    pineapple juice and soy sauce. Served
    on a bed of Near East rice pilaf,
    with seasonal fresh vegetables.  Lunch 9.99 Dinner 14.29

    Double-Dipped Chicken Crispers

    Three fresh dipped white meat chicken tenders,
    double-battered in our seasoned mix. Served
    with coleslaw and steak fries. Lunch 10.99 Dinner 13.49

    Mike’s Mac & Cheese 2.79
    House Barbecue Beans 2.49
    Steak Fries 2.49
    Mom’s Potato Salad 2.49
    Creamy Coleslaw (contains peanut butter) 2.49
    Fresh Seasonal Vegetable 2.79
    Smashed Potatoes 2.79
    Near East Rice Pilaf 2.49
    Idaho Baked Potato 2.99

    Premium Sides
    Sweet Potato Fries 3.29
    Loaded Smashed Potatoes 3.49
    Ruth’s Pecan Sweet Potatoes 3.49
    (limited quantity available)
    Burgundy Sautéed Mushrooms 3.49

    Free refills on non-bottled sodas, tea and coffee
    Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero Sugar,
    Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, Sprite,
    Root Beer, Orange Soda,
    Fresh-Brewed Iced Tea
    Fresh-Brewed Sweet Tea
    Fresh-Ground Coffee
    Juices: Orange, Cranberry, Apple

    Down South
    Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade
    Fresh-Squeezed Strawberry Lemonade 2.99
    Refills at cost

    Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry 4.49

    Meat temperature descriptions:
    Rare: cool, red center
    Medium rare: warm, red center
    Medium: hot, pink center
    Medium well: hot, thin pink line
    Well done: hot, thoroughly cooked, no pink

    For parties of eight or more, we request a single check.

    * All burgers are cooked to medium well doneness, unless requested otherwise

    ** Thoroughly cooking foods of animal origin such as beef, fish, pork or poultry reduces the risk of foodborne illness.
    Consult your physician or public health official for further information