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  • Our Story

    Once in the 70’s there was a little boy who liked to make fried bologna and Velveeta cheese sandwiches after school for the other latch key kids in the neighborhood. And he pretty much always loved making food for his friends and family.  It was kind of a hobby ever since.  Just ask his college roommates about his crazy obsession of putting random stuff in tortillas.

    When he grew up he loved marketing and making commercials and made a pretty good living doing it with some great big clients.  Then the economy of 2007 happened and the years slid by and the boy wondered what he was going to do to pay his mortgage and take care of his family. And by 2011 time was running out fast. Mortgage, medical bills, and more were piling up.

    So at a family picnic one day, a family member who was driving oil trucks in North Dakota said “Why don’t you bring some of that awesome food you always make to the Oil Patch and feed some of the hungry dudes driving big dangerous rigs and eating gas station food?”

    It was definitely the dumbest idea the boy had ever considered. So when his father in law and a close friend decided they were in, he knew it had to be burritos. And being the marketing guy he was, he came up with Sweeto Burrito. Luckily he had some great, talented friends and family to help develop Sweeto into the brand and food it would become.

    So 60 days after the birth of the idea, the brand was created and a trailer was built and the team of 3 rolled into a little frozen town in western North Dakota.  On November 28th 2011 with high hopes and great fears, and fueled by the faith of family and friends, Sweeto Burrito began our adventure.

    The first 3 months of the winter were so hard and exhausting and painful.  Every day was a fight. Away from family, sleeping in a camper, freezing pretty much every day and night with the only redeeming thing being people’s reaction to the food. People loved Sweeto Burrito and the “Little Red Trailer in Alexander” started to build a following.  Spring came and the numbers got really good until highway construction in August was going to pretty much shut us down for a couple weeks.

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  • Menu:


    Papi Salad

    A taco salad is the way it's supposed to taste.

    Sweeto Salad

    A golden-grilled tortilla filled with fresh romaine lettuce, our signature sweet pork, black beans, rice and cheese, drizzled with cilantro ranch, and topped with crispy tortilla strips

    White Chick Salad

    Amazing marinated chicken, fluffy white rice, fresh lime, black beans, salsa, sour cream, covered with fresh romaine and drizzled with cilantro ranch, all atop a grilled tortilla


    All American

    A monster cheeseburger burrito with smoked bacon, crispy french fries, fry sauce and american cheese in a massive tortilla. Pledge allegiance to the flavor

    Big Country

    Chunky bacon, ground beef, cheddar cheese, crispy onion rings, sweet-hot buffalo sauce and cilantro ranch, all wrapped in a warm tortilla. You may need a few farm hands for this one


    Ground beef, onion-rings, cheddar cheese, chunky bacon, killer barbecue sauce and cilantro ranch. This is a burrito big enough to ride

    Buff Chick

    Boneless buffalo chicken (traditional buffalo or sweet-hot buffalo sauce) with crispy tater tots, cheddar cheese and cilantro ranch.

    Carne Assassin

    Time to meat your maker. Lean carne asada steak stuffed in a pillow of fluffy white rice and smothered in neato sauce, cilantro ranch, and sour cream. Add sriracha for an extra kick.

    Gravy Train

    Breakfast burrito filled with eggs, tots, cheese, and country bacon or sausage gravy. A country boy favorite

    Papi Chulo

    Secretly seasoned lean beef, lime rice, sun-dried tomatoes, cheddar cheese, neato sauce and cilantro ranch

    Rise and Shiner

    A steak and eggs breakfast burrito with cheese, tots and a spicy kiss of sriracha.

    Sweeto Burrito

    Our signature slow-cooked, sweet shredded pork with lime rice, black beans, pepper jack cheese, neato sauce and cilantro ranch.

    Thai Fighter

    The perfect combination of curry and peanut with tender marinated chicken, pepper jack cheese and rice

    The Breakneck

    Wake up with our original breakfast burrito filled with fresh eggs, cheese, tater tots, chunky bacon, our signatre cilantro ranch and neato sauce, wrapped in a monster tortilla

    The Smokehouse

    Slow-smoked hickory chicken, savory bacon, and cheddar cheese topped with onion rings and our amazing cilantro ranch

    Veggie Avenger

    Filled with fluffy rice, black beans, pepper jack cheese, and onion rings. Topped with neato sauce and cilantro ranch. A lighter fighter full of flavor.

    White Chick

    Killer marinated chicken, pepper jack cheese, fluffy white rice, fresh lime, black beans, salsa, sour cream and our cilantro ranch


    Macho Nacho

    Smokin' hot tortilla chips, specially-seasoned ground beef, savory bacon, cilantro ranch drizzle and a mountain of cheese. Served with our amazing homemade salsa and sour cream


    Chicken Taco

    Our amazing marinated chicken with fresh lettuce, salsa, sour cream, and shredded cheese

    Mean Jolean Taco

    A grilled ezekiel sprouted tortilla, brown rice, black beans, choice of meat, lettuce, salsa, fresh lime

    Papi Taco

    Our original secret seasoned ground beef taco with shredded cheese and all the flavor we can pack into an 8 inch tortilla

    Sweeto Taco

    Our signature sweet pork, fresh romaine lettuce, a squeeze of lime, shredded cheese and a drizzle of cilantro ranch, all wrapped up in a grilled, soft flour tortilla.


    Sweeto Bowler

    All the flavors of the sweeto burrito minus the tortilla

    Thai Bowler

    Fresh grilled chicken, fluffy rice and our amazing thai-curry peanut sauce. If you like thai curry, you will love this.

    White Chick Bowler

    All the flavor of the white chick burrito in a big, beautiful bowl.

    Carne Assassin Bowler

    Smokehouse Chicken Bowler


    French Fighters

    Piping-hot french fries

    Onion Rings

    Enough said

    Tater Bots

    A side of smoking-hot tater tots

    Little Chippy

    Fresh tortilla chips with salsa

    Bottled Drinks

    Water, mexican soda


    12 oz cup of coffee

    Soda Fountain

    Coke products

    Monkey Food

    Lil Bull

    Kid's cheeseburger burrito.

    Lil Cheesy

    Kid's cheese quesadilla.

    Lil Chicky

    Kid's chicken cheese burrito.


    Brownie Bites

    Deep-fried brownie, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, strawberry drizzle


    Deep-fried cheesecake with strawberry dipping sauce.


    Brain freeze included. Flavors come in strawberry, pineapple- paradise, mango tropic, truly latte and ja-mocha.